Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses Intensive driving courses sometimes called one week crash driving courses are the fastest way possible to learn to drive take the DVSA official driving test, pass and gain a full UK car driving licence all in just one week. Popular with learners of all ages intensive courses make it possible to learn with a 5 day course what could take up to 14 months to learn taking a 1 hour lesson every week with a driving instructor.

5 Hour

If you have failed your test this should be enough to help you get it right.

10 Hour

Spread over 2- 4 days. This course is best suited for drivers looking to complete their training and fix any rough edges. Also will help drivers who have previously failed their practical test.

15 Hour

This intensive course is suitable for these who have failed a driving test or for people who are near test standard. This is usually spread over 3-4 days.

20 Hour

The 23 Hours intensive course is for people who have some experience in driving and have mastered the basic skills required but need to polish up their manoeuvres and general driving. This course is usually spread over 4 days.

25 Hour

This course is recommended for people who can do the manoeuvres but have problems with their accuracy. This course is popular students who started years ago and for people who have failed their test 10 years ago or more. Normally spread over 5 days.

30 Hours

This course is the minimum we recommend for beginers and less confident learners. We can teach as fast as you can learn, can you learn as fast as we can teach? Allow 9 days for this course. Suited for students aged 17-22.

35 Hours

This Intensive course is recommended for the less confident driver who knows the basics but has very little experience. It covers the age group 23-35 mainly. This course is ideally done between 7-10 days.

40 Hours

This course is designed for complete beginers. Most people will achieve a high standard of driving and you will normally be ready for your practical test. This course includes the whole dsa (driving standards agency) syllabus. This course is usually done in around 8-10 days. The younger person could do it within a week.